Tuesday, March 15, 2011

finally ^^

haha~~ finally i get my own passport~~oh yeah ^^
today early in the morning around 9am,
shilu's relative and her dad come to fetch me and we go together..

the place we want to go is jabatan pendaftaran negeri melaka which is locate at ayer keroh..i just noticed that there are somewhere around to zoo melaka only~~ =.=
once reach, we go and get a form and then go to fotostat shop to fotostat our ic and take a photo...
i think there is the place easy for earning people's $$...
4 passport picture rm12...
fotostat ic 40sen..
what a good price..i wan go there do this type of service liao~~ haha..
after prepared all the documents, we go and take a number and wait..
totally... we had wait for 3 hours...quite a long time @.@
luckily there had opened many counter, if not..i think lagi worst then that...

passport got le la~~
now i just look forword to our trip to thailand~~
and if can,
i want go other country also !!